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The access and servicing arrangements that were approved under the old SnOasis scheme will be used to inform the updated Valley Ridge proposals. Further information on the access design, arrangements for vehicles and other modes, as well as the servicing strategy, based on the approved scheme will be detailed within a Transport Assessment accompanying the application.

It is anticipated there will be in the order of 2,000 to 2,500 parking spaces associated with the Valley Ridge proposals. The revised development strategy seeks more long-stay visitors to the resort through provision of more accommodation. As such,around 1,500 to 1,600 spaces are estimated to be associated with the accommodation (hotel, apartments and lodges), with the remainder provided for staff and day visitors.

The updated proposals will include a package of measures to increase access to the site by walking, cycling and bus, such as provision of staff and guest shuttle buses.

The main access road from Bramford Road will separate to service the separate Lodge, Hotel and Day Visitor parking zones.

The new proposals will reflect and improve on the commitments made in the approved plans for SnOasis. These include:

A roundabout giving access to the site. The outline planning agreement included construction of new roundabout on Bramford Road, providing access to the site and the and Orbit Homes residential development. The residential development has been brought forward with priority T-junction and land has been safeguarded to allow for later construction of an access access roundabout.

Cycle Improvements Between Claydon and Valley Ridge. There will be cycle enhancements along 1.2km route, with signing, road markings, localised footway widening etc.

Tourist Signing on the A12 and A14 Trunk Roads and local roads. These will be agreed with Highways England and Suffolk County Council to ensure that traffic is directed to the site in the most efficient way.

Pedestrian Crossing Improvements on the B1113. This relates to existing pedestrian crossing on dual-carriageway section of B1113 (to the south of the point where the B113 divides) - including minor 'tidying-up' works e.g. improving dropped kerbs, installing tactile paving, localised footway widening and signage.

Works at Stowmarket Station. There is a commitment to works at the station to improve accessibility.

Payments for highway improvements. These will total over £900,000 and will go to improvements in the local area, travel plans.

Shuttle bus commitments. New commitments will be made to shuttle buses for visitors and employees to appropriate locations such as Stowmarket station. 

Facilities within the resort that are accessible to day visitors are unlikely to open until 10am, so arrivals by day guests will generally take place after the network morning peak hour. Day visitors will depart over the course of the day, depending on the nature of their visit and so some car trips associated with such users will occur during the afternoon peak hour. Departure patterns of comparable facilities will be used to establish an appropriate departure profile (taking account of the nature of uses and operational hours) of day visitors to seek to understand the share of car trips during the network afternoon peak hour.

We are taking the issue of traffic levels very seriously and a full report on these issues will accompany the planning application. 

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