Site access update

Thank you to the local people in Great Blakenham who continue to report trespass onto this potentially dangerous site.

Since we were first alerted to these breaches two weeks ago, we have had reports of motorbike access, swimming in the ponds, mountain bikes, barbeques and fires.

We cannot emphasise enough that this site is potentially highly dangerous and illegal trespass here is potentially a danger to life.  These ponds are likely to be polluted and extremely deep, and the site has many potentially highly dangerous obstacles.

We are taking urgent action to curtail this trespass.

• Dogs are now patrolling the site, on a 24-hour basis, and this will be reviewed on a regular basis. Warning signs of the dogs have been installed.

• Three CCTV towers are being installed this week.

• Warning boards are being installed around the perimeter. We have stock on site for replacement board in case of vandalism.

• Fencing repair will commence shortly.

We will finalise these measures as soon as we can and keep them under constant review.  We are liaising with local people and the police to ensure we monitor any breaches.

We continue to ask people to report breaches, either through our website or using our hotline number 0800 955 1042.  However, local people should call the police on 999 for emergencies, or 101 for non-emergencies.

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