You're watching the Valley Ridge Q&A event held on Wednesday 7 April at 7.00pm

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  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation
  3. Start of questions
  4. Video question on entrance rates
  5. Questions on traffic
  6. Question on infrastructure improvements & traffic
  7. Question on the B113 & Bramford Road
  8. Question on visitor numbers
  9. Question on size of ski slope
  10. Why situate facility in Great Blakenham?
  11. Question on solar panels
  12. Question on Management of the site & security
  13. Question about guests when not on site
  14. Question about impact on neighbour
  15. Question about drainage
  16. Will the project go ahead?
  17. Question on cycle lanes on Bramford Road
  18. Question about traffic increases
  19. Questions on wages of workers & local jobs
  20. Question about biodiversity of the site
  21. Question about noise
  22. Question about changes to road network
  23. Question about guests visiting local areas
  24. Question on size comparision to resort in Thetford
  25. Question on traffic at transfer times
  26. Question about expansion of the site
  27. Question about timetable
  28. Question about entrance to the site
  29. Closing comments and how to provide feedback
  30. End